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NABS Talks: Humour and honesty with content creator Rob Mayhew

by Louise Scodie

Rob Mayhew is one of the best-known names in our industry thanks to his hugely successful and hilarious work as a content creator. You’ll find Rob lampooning agency life on social media, producing videos that give us all a welcome laugh at the ridiculousness of working life.

A fan of Rob’s for a while now, it was my absolute pleasure to interview Rob for a NABS Talk. Rob is a self-confessed NABS fan, having used our old flatshare service when he was a rookie adlander coming to live in London for the first time. “It was so helpful, it meant you didn’t have to live with randoms. I’ve still got all of the emails,” he recalled.

Rob was beautifully chatty and open throughout the Talk, answering the non-stop audience questions with honesty and humour (as per the name of the Talk itself).

This Talk is jam-packed with inspiration as well as Rob’s trademark cuddly jumpers.

Key takeaways include:

  • How having a morning walk can help with creativity and joy;
  • The importance of doing what you love, and just getting on with it; and
  • The joy of connecting with people and making friends at work.

For even more Rob Mayhew, listen to his NABS Podcast interview on Apple podcasts  or wherever you get your podcasts.

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