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NABS Race, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

NABS strategy in 2020 and beyond is ‘Wellbeing for All’.

We’ll be expanding our reach, improving access to our services, and continuing to deliver wellbeing that is heartfelt and human centred in times of crisis and success.

We’ll be standing together with our brilliant industry to collaborate, champion and campaign for positive change, promoting a greater sense of belonging for all.

We’ll be encouraging tough conversations, brave leadership and the advancement of diversity and inclusion strategies to drive positive wellbeing.

Our expertise will be supplemented by tracking the industry mood and opinion and using these unique insights to improve everything we do from decision making and service development to our service delivery, and point of view.


We have done a lot of internal reflection around our approach to anti-racism and how we navigate the journey towards an industry in which everyone belongs.

We want to be clear that NABS stands against racism. NABS stands against anti-black racism. NABS wants to see an industry in which all forms of racism and discrimination, including multiple forms of oppression, are eliminated to enable better wellbeing for everyone.

Everyone in our industry has the right to be their true selves, to have opportunity, to be accepted and to be part of a community.
We know we have a way to go as an organisation and an industry. We want to use our unique insights and central industry position to help further the pace of positive change.

We will be challenging our own culture and systemic behaviours, taking further steps to deepen our team’s understanding, improving our internal processes, research and our external offering. We will be modelling the way so that we can be the change we wish to see in our industry.

We will act as an ally organisation, encouraging the advancement of race, diversity and inclusion strategies and collaborating, championing and campaigning together with our industry for positive change.

What’s next for NABS

In the last few weeks we have rewritten our corporate strategic objectives to ensure we embrace and embed long-term change. We are working thoroughly through the accountabilities from the signed Open Letter to build these commitments into our plans, along with our intention to show up more as active allies within our industry.

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