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Your essential listening for mental wellness at work

The NABS Podcast is where you can hear from leading figures in our community as they reveal how they support their mental wellness and that of those around them.

We get deep with guests from across the industry as they share their personal stories and experiences of the industry and how they’re challenging the status quo to make the industry a kinder, more supportive and more diverse place to be.

The podcast is for everybody working in advertising, marketing and media; a safe space to discuss wellness in our industry as well as offering insights on a host of related topical issues


Latest Episode

How to be kind at work, even when you’re under pressure – with Aimee Luther

Aimee Luther is managing director of the Liberty Guild. The Liberty Guild is an invitation-only curated association of the finest communication practitioners in the world. The business aims to give creatives and strategists a better work-life balance and more ownership over their careers.

Aimee is a huge believer in kindness as a leadership style, and she makes sure this is a top lived value throughout her professional and voluntary work. Aimee’s also a hugely busy working mum and speaks refreshingly about the demands of the juggle.

This is a great, down-to-earth chat – Aimee is a super mix of kind, clear and no-nonsense..

Listen now to find out about:

  • We need to normalise feeling rubbish so that we can talk about it and support each other
  • Being kind to each other is a basic requirement for the human race, so let’s translate that into corporate kindness
  • Let’s use empathy and compassion to create nurturing environments where people can be their whole selves
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