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Your essential listening for mental wellness at work

The NABS Podcast is where you can hear from leading figures in our community as they reveal how they support their mental wellness and that of those around them.

We get deep with guests from across the industry as they share their personal stories and experiences of the industry and how they’re challenging the status quo to make the industry a kinder, more supportive and more diverse place to be.

The podcast is for everybody working in advertising, marketing and media; a safe space to discuss wellness in our industry as well as offering insights on a host of related topical issues


Latest Episode

Tobi Asare is managing partner, head of growth, at OMD and someone who’s passionate about creating opportunities for women and working parents Her book, The Blend, gives brilliant advice on how to find fulfilment at home and at work.

Tobi is also an absolute joy to chat with. You will feel her smile throughout this episode. What a tonic, and proof that we can still feel hope and positivity even when tackling big career challenges.

Key takeaways:

  • The importance of finding a sponsor at work
  • How to find a support network, even if you’re not naturally outgoing
  • When to change a culture, and when to leave it

Watch Tobi’s NABS Talk ho our Youtube channel

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