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Your essential listening for mental wellness at work

The NABS Podcast is where you can hear from leading figures in our community as they reveal how they support their mental wellness and that of those around them.

The podcast is for everybody working in advertising, marketing and media; a safe space to discuss wellness in our industry as well as offering insights on a host of related topical issues.

We get deep with guests from across the industry as they share their personal stories and experiences of the industry and how they’re challenging the status quo to make the industry a kinder, more supportive and more diverse place to be.

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Latest Episode: How art and creativity can support your mental wellness – with Jade Tomlin

Jade is executive creative director at Huge, a design and innovation company based in London and New York. A graduate of St. Martin’s, Jade describes herself as a creative adventurer. She’s worked on brands from Sony to Starbucks and also runs Creative Adventures, where she supports founders and entrepreneurs.

Jade is also helping to drive forward NABS’ Art Auction – submit your piece by 9 September and help to raise funds with your creativity

Jade is relatable, empathetic and speaks honestly about her experience of being working-class and LGBT while finding her way in the industry. In particular, her take on what happens when you don’t come out until your twenties is super insightful.

Listen now to find out how:

  • The fun and the fallout of coming out in your twenties and how this affects your mental wellness at work
  • The micro stresses you can encounter as a working-class industry entrant
  • Listening, listening, listening, helps a team to bond and grow

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