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How to create a blend of working and parenting with Tobi Asare

Forget the ‘balance’ when juggling work and parenting – think of it as a blend, and you can find ways within that to thrive.

by Louise Scodie

That’s according to the brilliant Tobi Asare, managing partner at OMD, who shared her tips and lived experience of being a working parent at our October NABS Talk in conversation with NABS’ Louise Scodie.

Along with more than 100 members of the NABS community, members of the NABS team (many of whom are working parents themselves) watched the Talk. Here, they share their key takeaways from the hour.

Key takeaways

“Having a good support network is key to help navigate childcare issues when working. Earn favours to use at another time. Be the first to help another mum so you can win it back later. That’s something I did when my kids were at school and it definitely paid off.”

“Check out Doing it for the Kids for support for free freelancers and Daisy Chain for searching for flexible working jobs.”

“If you’re stressed or feeling guilty remember that it’s the system that’s broken. It’s not you – you’re doing your best in the fact of short school hours, long school holidays and very expensive childcare.”

“Harness the power of community and connection. Organise playdates where parents can work together around the dining table while the kids entertain themselves.”

“Change and support often come in numbers. Seek out fellow working parents and carers in your workplace so that you can advocate for each other and for positive change in your organisation where it needs to happen.”

“Don’t be a ‘childcare martyr’. Ask for help from your partner, friends or family. You can’t do it all.”

Try to be organised for the week ahead. Plan what you’re doing to see where you need help and who to ask for it. Remember to slot in some time just for you, whether that’s for going for a walk, a coffee, the gym or anything else that you need to sustain your mental wellness.”

To watch Tobi’s talk, follow this link.

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