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Career coaching at NABS

NABS offers free, confidential executive coaching to support you throughout your career journey. Our coaches are here to help you find new thought processes and new ways of managing situations for positive results.

Our executive coaching programme is made up of three sessions (approx. 1 hour), held at NABS HQ, via phone or Skype. Subject to eligibility, you will be assigned an accredited Executive Coach who will focus on your professional development – anything from managing stress to building confidence.

The service is perfect for those who feel they’ve reached a crossroads in their career, are going through redundancy or need a hand back into employment, those wanting to balance their life better as a working parent, or managers wanting insights on being an effective leader.

Sessions can cover topics as wide ranging as:

  • Navigating career crossroads
  • Tackling pressure and stress
  • Stepping into a new role
  • Motivation and self-belief
  • Balancing work and parenting
  • Building resilience and gravitas

We are here to support you. Please complete your application form.

If you are in the North West, please complete an application form for our Manchester based career coach.

“Coaching helped as I had somebody to listen to my story in a completely objective way, pick up on certain points I hadn’t and to challenge me on some of my ways of thinking.  I can now see the beginnings of some real structure and focus that I will really be able to build on.”

NABS career client

Creative review at NABS

We also offer a bespoke portfolio review service for clients who have completed two placements or who have spent a minimum of one year working within in the industry.

NABS creative advisor Ray Brennan is an award-winning advertising creative. Over the years he has worked in some of London’s top creative departments including Lowes, Still Price, D’Arcy (Leo Burnett) and Havas to name a few. Today he works as a senior freelance creative and has recently become an Associate Lecturer at London College of Communications where he advises and mentors students on advertising and design.

NABS portfolio review sessions can be held at NABS HQ (not currently due to Covid-19), via phone or Skype. Each session will last for 40 to 60 minutes; individuals may attend up to three appointments. This service is free to all individuals subject to eligibility. Please complete your creative review application form here.

Creative partnering: top 10 tips

If you are looking for a creative partner, here are our 10 top tips for teaming up:

  1. Have a portfolio/website with at least four big ideas i.e. campaigns that can work across all media platforms; TV, Print, digital and experiential
  2. Remember you will get hired because you are an idea creator first, not an art director or a copywriter
  3. Be open-minded about teaming up with a fellow art director/copywriter
  4. Look for a portfolio that is full of fresh and memorable campaigns
  5. If you see a standout portfolio, contact the creative and arrange to meet in a relaxed venue, a café or pub
  6. If there is a personality clash, no matter how good their work is, don’t take it any further
  7. Your creative partner is somebody that you will work with for the next 10 years and beyond. You will get hired together, be promoted together, be awarded together, it really is like a marriage
  8. If you both get on well, work on a brief together to see how the creative chemistry works
  9. Combine your portfolios by choosing the strongest work from each one, whether that means more campaigns from one portfolio, so be it
  10. Target the top 10 agencies you want to work at and use your combined contacts to get your portfolio in front of them

Access to NABS offices are via a lift or 12 flights of stairs (9 no. of stairs per flight). If you have a mobility problem and don’t believe you would be able to exit the NABS building by walking down these stairs during an emergency evacuation (as the lift is not allowed to be used) please let us know.

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