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In conversation with Lady Phyll

Lady Phyll, the co-founder of UK Black Pride, is a political activist and LGBTQ+ legend. She’s at the forefront of activism in the community and is an essential voice in this space. We were hugely privileged to welcome her to a NABS Talk, where she chatted with our CEO Diana Tickell about some of the key issues to know when it comes to supporting LGBTQ+ colleagues and friends.

NABS believes in the power of allyship and we’re always working to improve how we show up as supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. Naturally, Diana was very keen to hear Lady Phyll’s thoughts: so many takeaways here, but one that shines out is Lady Phyll’s preference for the term “social disruption” over “allyship”. It speaks to her forthright wish for action, and not just talk, that can impact lives for the better.

Diana and Lady Phyll also discussed the importance of wellbeing for the community, and how to support this, especially in the light of the trauma many are feeling following the murder of George Floyd. This year’s UK Black Pride festival has a real focus on wellbeing, demonstrating the importance of supporting emotional and mental health throughout the community.

This is a powerful chat full of authentic perspectives. If you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, we hope this chat nourishes and supports you. If you’re an ally, we’re sure that this chat will inspire you to be disruptive and show up for others.

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