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Let’s get walking and talking for mental wellness

Grow your connections and fundraise for NABS.

Date: Thursday 19 September

Walking Route TBC: Richmond to Putney

Length of Route: 15km

Registration: 9:30am

Walk: 10am – 1:00pm

Join Walk and Talk for NABS and meet up with a new community of adlanders, all while raising money to help your industry, using a volunteer day to give back to NABS.

Expand your network, while having the opportunity to have relaxed conversations with colleagues, new connections and experts from the NABS team, or simply make the most of ‘being’ together in the fresh air.

Help make Walk and Talk for NABS the biggest industry mental health conversation.

How to get involved:

Entry per company is £2000 for up to 15 participants. You can cover the entry cost either by paying via invoice from your company or through a mixture of invoicing and or / company fundraising. Think bake sales, quizzes or simply sharing a link to your team JustGiving page! 75% of funds to be raised by Friday 30th August, with the remainder one month after the event.

Or, if you would like to enter as an individual or a small group of friends and colleagues from the industry, you can take part by committing to raise a minimum of £200 for NABS, with 75% of funds raised by Friday 30th August 2024.

Entry fee includes refreshments and snacks along the route. Participants are welcome to walk part of the route if they don’t fancy the whole 15km, there are plenty of opportunities to hop on the tube or a bus. The NABS Events Team can advise on locations and timings.

How you’ll make a difference

By taking part in Walk and Talk and fundraising for us, you’ll be helping those in our industry community who need us most.

  • £15: a Christmas/birthday gift voucher for a child whose family are struggling financially
  • £50: help someone get back into work following redundancy by covering their interview travel expenses
  • £70: put food on the table for someone who is out of work by providing an essential food package
  • £200: support someone living with depression with two therapy sessions

How to book:

Book your place by filling in this form.

For more information contact walkandtalk@nabs.org.uk

How to set up a JustGiving fundraising page:

For individuals, go to our event page and select ‘Start fundraising’, alternatively follow the instructions on the JustGiving website. Go through the step-by-step instructions, when is asks ‘Are you taking part in an activity?’ select the option ‘I’m taking part in an event’ and search ‘Walk and Talk for NABS’ to link to the event page. If you are a group of individuals who would like to set up your own team, you can do so using the additional instructions below.

For teams, follow the instructions above to set up an individual fundraising page (nominate someone to be team captain, as only one person can set up a team fundraising page) and then follow the instructions on how to create and join a team on the JustGiving website.

Why join Walk and Talk for NABS? 

  • The walk takes you through some of London’s most accessible and scenic routes, providing a much-needed break from daily routines.
  • Immersing in nature has proven benefits for mental health, helping reduce stress and increase overall wellbeing.
  • The event offers an informal setting for participants to connect with colleagues outside the usual work environment.
  • Meet NABS Advisors and coaches who will be walking with you to support you along the way.
  • Sharing this experience together can strengthen team bonds, fostering a supportive and positive atmosphere within your community.
  • Walking is not only beneficial for physical health but has proven effects on mental wellness.
  • The walk provides a relaxed setting to initiate conversations about mental health. Whether it is sharing personal experiences or discussing general wellness at work, the event encourages an open and supportive dialogue among team members and other walkers.

Not only that this event helps NABS raise important funds for those in our industry in need.


A brilliant day out. Great connecting with the team, lots of walking, lots of talking.

2023 Walk & Talk attendee

Walk and Talk is a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and people from across our community that are passionate about mental wellness. Put your best foot forward, sign up a team and join us!

Sue Todd, NABS CEO


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