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Who are NABS?

NABS is the support organisation for people working in advertising and media. We’re here to improve the wellbeing of everyone in our industry. We’re passionate about helping people to thrive, and we do that by providing a range of support services. Because we’re a charity, these services are free to use.

We’ve been our industry’s charity for more than 100 years. We were founded to provide financial assistance to advertising and media workers in need, with the most senior figures in the industry giving us their generous backing. Since then we’ve evolved considerably, developing support services, Masterclasses and events all designed to improve the wellbeing of everybody who comes to us. We’re delighted that the most senior figures in our industry continue to support us as we work to improve wellbeing in our workplaces.

These days, we emphasise the importance of prevention, working with people before they reach crisis point. By equipping individuals with resilience and confidence, we believe that they’ll be able to better navigate difficulties when they arise.

Who can use NABS services?

Our services are open to people who currently work or who have spent a substantial amount of time working in the UK advertising, media, and marketing services industry.

This includes businesses that specialise in providing supplies and services to the UK advertising, media, and marketing services industry.

Our services are open to people at all levels of industry, from new entrants to CEOs, including interns, freelancers,  the self-employed and those running a limited company

What services does NABS offer?

We offer a range of services that help people in advertising and media to thrive. These include daytime Masterclasses, evening Talks, speed mentoring sessions, and our confidential Advice Line. We also offer means-tested grants subject to availability.

People in the industry are welcome to use as many of our services as they like in whichever combination best suits their needs.

Are NABS services free?

Because NABS is a charity, our core services are free. There is no charge to use our Advice Line and attendance to our Masterclasses, Talks and speed mentoring is free.

NABS also runs popular fundraising events throughout the year including our spectacular annual party Stranger Than Summer,  Ride Adland, our cycling challenge and our Fast Forward, our eight-week flagship training programme for newer entrants to the industry. Our events run across the UK, from our Manchester fashion show to our Scottish golfing day.

NABS’ fundraising events, along with some others in our calendar, incur a charge. All proceeds go directly to NABS to help us continue our vital work.

NABS is also generously supported by donors from across the advertising and media industry.

What is NABS’ Advice Line?

NABS’ Advice Line is a free and confidential helpline. Our staff give confidential, impartial and empathetic advice to callers in all kinds of roles who are facing all kinds of personal and professional challenges. We receive calls from people seeking help with a huge variety of problems, from emotional and mental health to financial and family issues. Essentially, we’re here to provide support with any problems that affect somebody’s ability to thrive at work.

Our Advice Line is staffed by a dedicated and first-class team, who combine expertise in counselling, therapy and employment law with personal knowledge of our industry and its organisations, from the pressures of pitching to HR processes.

The Advice Line is also the first port of call from anybody seeking financial assistance. We’re able to award Upskilling or Support Grants, depending on eligibility.

If you’d like some help, call us on 0800 707 6607 between 9am – 5.30pm (weekdays), chat with our SupportBot or email for tailored advice and guidance, whatever your level or experience. We will respond to all calls and emails within 24 hours.

To find out more about our Advice Line, click here.

How can I stay up-to-date with what’s going on at NABS?

Sign up to our regular newsletter and you’ll be the first to know about our events, Masterclasses and other ways NABS can support you on your career journey. Connect with us on social media too; it’s where we share all the ways you can make the most of our services and expertise to ensure that you thrive. If you can’t attend a NABS event in person, visit our YouTube channel to watch our livestream from our events to continue your development at your convenience.

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Does NABS give grants, and how can I apply for one?

NABS was originally established as a benevolent fund more than 100 years ago. Giving people financial assistance remains one of our core services..

We provide Support Grants to help people with financial pressures that may be making it difficult to keep thriving at work – or indeed to keep working altogether. We also have Upskilling Grants to help those who are out of work or whose role is at risk unless they upskill.

We also work together with WACL on the WACL Talent Award, which gives up to £1500 to the most talented and inspiring future female leaders working in our industry. This money goes toward a training course of the recipient’s choice.

Our Support Grants and Upskilling Grants are subject to eligibility. Find out more here, or call our Advice Line for more information.

If you need support managing your finances in the meantime, visit our Money management resources for additional resources for managing money.

How can I attend a NABS event?

It’s easy to register your attendance for a NABS event. Click here to browse our calendar.

How can I get involved with NABS?

There are many ways to help us on our mission to improve and champion the wellbeing of everybody in advertising and media. You can become an Ambassador, helping to spread the word of NABS in your organisation; you can help to raise funds, either at one of our events or by holding your own event; or, if you’ve successfully used our services, you can become a case study to help show others how NABS transforms lives. Email to find out more about how you can get involved.

How can I raise money for NABS?

NABS cannot exist without your generous donations and we’re so grateful for all of the money raised for us. Donations come to us via individuals, organisations and also through events such as our fundraising gala Stranger Than Summer. We’re also lucky enough to have supporters who will hold their own events to raise money for NABS. To talk to us about fundraising opportunities, please contact one of the team.

How can I donate to NABS?

If you’d like to donate as an individual, please click here.

If your organisation would like to partner with NABS through a cash or media donation, please email our Partnerships team, who’ll be delighted to work with you.

Thank you for donating; without your generosity, we cannot exist.

How can NABS help me to build my skillset?

NABS is a huge believer in giving people the skills they need to be able to thrive in our industry. That’s why we created our Masterclasses: specially designed sessions, led by one of our expert coaches,that equip people with these essential tools. We have a number of Masterclasses on subjects including creating your personal brand, building resilience and successfully navigating life as a working parent.

Find out more about our Masterclasses here.

What is TimeTo?

timeTo is the campaign to stamp out sexual harassment in the advertising and media industry. A partnership between NABS, the Advertising Association and WACL, it introduced a code of conduct to the industry that provides guidelines on all aspects of sexual harassment, from an individual and corporate perspective.

The campaign is endorsed by more than 260 organisations. To find out how your company can become an endorser, visit

To find out more about timeTo, click here.

What is Stranger Than Summer?

Stranger Than Summer is our annual fundraising gala and the highlight of our industry calendar. Each year, around 900 people across our industry join us for a first-class evening of fun, fundraising and entertainment, with all proceeds raised going directly to NABS to help us fund our essential work. Table bookings are now open for Stranger Than Summer,  find out more and make your booking here.

Why is NABS so passionate about wellbeing at work?

Wellbeing is something that effects not just the individual and those close to them, but also their team, their organisation and ultimately the industry as a whole.

NABS knows that wellbeing is the key to doing well both at work and at home. When somebody’s wellbeing is high, they’re in a positive state, enabling them to be creative, to enjoy their work and to collaborate well with others.

On the other hand, when wellbeing levels are low, the effects can be wide-ranging. People with poor wellbeing struggle at work and at home and may ultimately leave the industry altogether, as sadly many people choose to do: we lose 30% of our industry-wide talent each year.

At NABS we believe that we should nurture talent to stay in our industry, and that wellbeing is the key to that nurturing.

Why does NABS advocate for diversity and inclusion in the industry?

NABS sees a direct link between diversity and inclusion and wellbeing. When people feel comfortable in the workplace, whatever their age, gender or background, they are more likely to enjoy their work, to operate well and to develop their career positively.

NABS therefore believes an inclusive workplace is one in which people can truly thrive and reach their potential, which is why we pioneer initiatives such as our working parents Masterclasses and BAME Leaders speed mentoring as well as actively advocating for D&I.

How can my employees find out more about NABS?

We regularly visit organisations to talk to them about who we are and how we can help employees across our industry. Our staff presentations are a great chance for you to meet the team behind NABS and find out how we can support you. They’re also a chance for you to ask us any questions you might have about why NABS is relevant to you.

To book a NABS presentation at your office, email our Partnerships team.

How can I contact the NABS team? What does NABS stand for?

NABS stands for National Advertising Benevolent Society, although we just refer to ourselves as ‘NABS’.

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