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Case studies

There are many reasons why you may want to call NABS’ free and confidential Advice Line.

We receive calls from people seeking help with a huge variety of problems, from emotional and mental health to financial and family issues.

Our staff give confidential, impartial and empathetic advice to callers in all kinds of roles who are facing all kinds of personal and professional challenges.

Our Advice Line is staffed by a dedicated and first-class team, who combine expertise in counselling, therapy and employment law with personal knowledge of our industry and its organisations, from the pressures of pitching to HR processes.


Advice Line

0800 707 6607

A confidential chat with one of our unbiased advisors could help make life’s difficult decisions a little bit easier to make.


How NABS can help

Stories based on real users’ experiences of NABS support

I was experiencing depression and I didn't know where to turn...

Advice line caller

How NABS helped:

  • I called NABS’ Advice Line and was able to talk to a friendly person who understood and didn’t judge me
  • They shared information with me about therapy, funded by NABS. I was able to have 7 sessions of therapy  which helped me begin to process my feelings.
  • I attended a Masterclass about Building Confidence & Gravitas, which gave me practical steps to improve my confidence

This support gave me coping mechanisms which I still use and left me feeling much more like myself again

Work was making me so stressed that I couldn't switch off...

Coaching client

How NABS helped:

  • NABS offered me stress coaching. This helped me understand the triggers that led to me feeling stressed and showed me how I could change my perceptions to help me feel more calm
  • I attended a Masterclass about Building Resilience to Pressure.  This helped me see what happens to my brain and body when i’m stressed
  • Through speed mentoring, I learned how senior leaders coped with heavy workloads and difficult issues at work
  • One to one mentoring with a senior leader made me feel like I had someone on my side and helped me understand how to better manage the specific challenges I faced at work

Through NABS support, I was able to put better boundaries in place, feel calmer and gain a better work-life balance

I was facing redundancy and worried about the future...

Support grant recipient

How NABS helped:

  • NABS redundancy guide helped me understand the steps my company would be taken, how to prepare for being consulted and how much I would get paid if I was made redundant
  • The NABS advice line gave me emotional support and helped answer questions about my particular situation
  • When I was made redundant, NABS offered me a financial support grant to help me manage for a few months while I was looking for work
  • Working with a career coach helped me  to understand what type of work I wanted to do and the next steps I would have to take

I was able to  cope with  the uncertainty, manage financially and find a new job, where I’m thriving

My creative confidence was low and I was struggling to find freelance work...

Creative coaching client

How NABS helped:

  • I called the Advice Line and an advisor told me  that I could apply for an upskilling grant to develop the digital skills that I felt were preventing me from finding work
  • A NABS creative coach  gave me really useful feedback on my portfolio and helped me find courses to learn digital skills
  • I applied for an upskilling grant and received funding towards a digital course
  • Attending a Building Brand You Masterclass gave me a sense of my personal brand, which helped me pitch for work

With NABS’ support, I felt more confident in my creative skills and I was able to get more regular work

With NABS’ support my creative confidence returned and I was able to secure more freelance work


I got made redundant during the pandemic – and then found a new job, thanks to NABS

My experience with NABS in 2020 was excellent. They provided grants to buy food and help pay for my phone and internet – my basic tools for jobhunting. I also received career coaching, which proved invaluable. NABS is more important for our industry than ever; they gave me a place to go to and people to talk to. That, along with the financial support, was so very helpful. I can’t thank NABS enough for their care, attention and non-judgemental support.

NABS beneficiary

Our NABS coach created a safe space and she showed real care for our personal experiences. She made sure everyone spoke and was heard and was an amazing group leader. I’ve been to a few talks on this area, but I have never attended one as inspiring, thought-provoking and practical.

Masterclass attendee

In 2020 I was given a grant by NABS which enabled me to stay in my home; after leaving my last job and starting to freelance, I was left with no other option than to claim for universal credit, which didn’t even cover my rent. The grant changed my life while coaching helped me to reflect on my situation for the better. I’ve been a regular user of NABS’ many services and it’s always a delightful experience

NABS beneficiary

NABS empowered me to feel hopeful about the future. In fact, NABS, has been a lifeline. I can't overstate that enough. I was at my wits’ end when I first started jobhunting. I felt disempowered, I didn’t know where to turn and everything was so overwhelming. There have been so many positive outcomes made possible by NABS, including finding a safe and comfortable home thanks to the grant I was given and coaching that helped me to work out my next steps.

Advice Line caller

Advice Line

0800 707 6607

A confidential chat with one of our unbiased advisors could help make life’s difficult decisions a little bit easier to make.

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