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Advance | NABS training expertise tailored for your organisation

Commercial training courses designed to advance the mental wellness of everybody in your company.

NABS’ Advance is a direct response to numerous requests from our industry over the years for NABS to provide its  highly-rated training products to their staff.

Now you can harness the best of NABS’ development expertise, packaged and tailored to meet your needs, to advance mental wellness in your organisation, whilst knowing all profits go straight back into helping NABS support our community.


Five-steps to becoming your learning partner

1. How can we help?

First we meet to discuss your training needs and provide a quote for NABS’ most relevant learning experiences. We also make sure you’re hooked up to our fantastic free services.

2. Tailor to your needs

We identify how and when you’d like the training: online or in person? small or large groups? We get key information from you so our trainers can deliver content in context for your organisation

3. Logistics

We send you a contract & invoice in advance of the training and ensure all people are booked on and have everything they need.

4. Delivery

Our qualified & highly experienced facilitators deliver the sessions. All content is evidence-based and industry-focused. We monitor outcomes and keep in contact should there be any questions.

5. Debrief

We meet you to debrief on aggregated themes and outcomes from the sessions. Clients tell us they find this very useful for onward planning.


NABS Advance training courses available now

Grow: evidence-based, interactive workshops

A series of coach-led, bite-size workshops, designed to spark development of the skills and mindsets needed to help people thrive in the industry.

Workshops available: confidence and gravitas, rapport and influence, brand you, resilience to pressure, leading influential conversations, unleashyour career, debrief de-stress decompress, the trusted hybrid leader, the inclusive leader

Embed: group coaching

A series of 90 minute coach-led sessions, designed as an extension to our workshops, to help people stretch and embed their learning in a safe space

Book with any workshop to develop ideas further and discuss ways to apply learning

Explore: themed group coaching

A series of 90 minute coach-led discussion sessions, designed to help people understand emerging industry issues through collective exploration in a safe space

Choose any group coaching session from our calendar

timeTo: sexual harassment awareness training

timeTo training can support you to fulfil your legal obligation to prevent sexual harassment in your workplace.

Your teams will also gain practical techniques to address conflict, behavioural and cultural changes and gain a sense of collective responsibility to address this issue by navigating this challenging topic together in a safe and supportive space.

Fast Forward: early career talent pathway

Get Fast Forward – learn to pitch; make industry contacts for life

Join a team & learn to pitch to a client in a competitive environment, gain tricks of the trade from industry leaders, enjoying industry mentors with you every step of the way


What people are saying about NABS Advance:

“NABS designed an engaging, virtual experience for our people leaders. The models were highly relevant but also simple, meaning they’ll be more likely to be remembered and applied beyond the learning sessions. I have no hesitation to recommend NABS as a learning partner”

Les Marshall, head of talent & leadership at Dentsu


“Fast Forward is a fundamental part of our Learning & Development programme”

“TimeTo training will have a long-lasting positive impact on our business culture and takes us all one step closer to eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace’

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