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Ride Adland 2019

On Thursday 3rd October 2019, Ride Adland will return once again to the industry for a chance to claim victory and win the NABS jersey! This unique competition brings the industry together for a team cycle race with a difference…the event comes to you! Bikes are placed in your office and up to 20 riders across two teams will compete against industry rivals on a virtual landscape!

This event always sells out so fill out the booking form now to secure your team.


This is a 50km race which is takes place in the morning. This ride is for everyone to take part in and whether you’re a novice or cycling regular, this one’s all about team spirit and joining in.


This is a 100km race which sets off in the afternoon. This one is for the more experienced cyclists or those looking for a real exercise challenge. Are you willing to sprint and sweat to glory? Then this is the race for you.