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NABS offers a range of free, bespoke workshops to help you flourish and grow in your career:

Building Brand You

Who has a personal brand that you admire and trust?

You work in a world of brands, crafting them to create impact, advantages, stand out, loyalty and personality. But have you ever thought about how you would define your own personal brand? What specifically makes you unique? Do you know what your core offering is? How do others define you? What would they say you stood for?

Wherever you are in your career and whatever your role, come and join us for an interactive, Building Brand You workshop.

“It was really engaging, and inclusive. A really great group who were open, challenging and encouraging, it made me feel reassured and helped my own development.”

Building Confidence & Gravitas Workshop

Building gravitas and displaying confidence are important skills in our professional development and day-to-day industry business.

They can impact our careers success, our ability to inspire and influence others, to lead teams and manage our own belief in our abilities. In an industry where being heard and listened to is key, developing presence is an essential component to getting ahead.

But what is gravitas and how do you achieve it? How does confidence, not to be confused with arrogance, help you to develop your authentic presence and style? All these questions and more will be addressed in our Building Confidence & Gravitas Workshop

“Brilliant workshop. Host is fantastic. Really clear, practicable advice. Also, helpful to hear host’s personal experiences.”

Building Rapport & Influence workshop

Networking and building strong relationships help to establish successful businesses; after all we all want to do business with people we like and trust.

Making a positive impression quickly plays an important part in how we then go on to achieve this. During this session you will learn how to recognise different behavioural types in others and how to engage with them positively and authentically using a number of NLP techniques. Book Building Rapport & Influence Workshop now.

“Really helpful and useful to know the tips to build rapport with people. Due to the course being in person, there was an opportunity for more individual/ tailored support as some people were able to open up about their experiences. This enabled others to learn from other people’s experiences also. It felt like a safe space, a great opportunity to meet others. Host was great – thank you for all your advice.”

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Free workshops to help you flourish and grow in your career. Book now

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