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Finding silver linings in the face of crisis with Mo Gawdat

Spoiler alert: interviewing Mo Gawdat might be my most outstanding work moment of this year, if not this decade.

By Louise Scodie

Mo is amazing, and his Talk and and Q&A session will nourish you and lift you up. It’s just the tonic we need after the distress and chaos of the pandemic.

Mo’s story is one of grief and hope. Fiercely intelligent, Mo’s skills and aptitude helped him to get to the top at Google X, where he was chief business officer. It was there that he developed an algorithm for happiness – an algorithm that was put to the test when Mo’s son Ali died tragically, aged 21, following an operation.

It was then Mo’s mission began – to channel his energies into sharing a message of happiness with the world. Mo is a highly sought-after speaker and author and it was a true coup to secure him as a speaker.

In this Talk, Mo explores how to find the good in challenging situations, namely the pandemic and its restrictions. His empathy, honesty and clarity of message shine throughout.

I suffered a major bereavement during the pandemic and even I felt better after sharing an hour with Mo. So make yourself a cup of something nice, get comfy and enjoy this life-affirming Talk.

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