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WACL Talent Awards

What are the WACL Talent Awards?

The WACL Talent Awards (previously known as the Future Leaders Award) is a grant scheme for emerging female leaders working in media, marketing, advertising and communications. It’s awarded by WACL in partnership with NABS.

Why does it exist?

WACL’s purpose of accelerating gender equality for the benefit of all in our industry means we’re passionate about supporting as many emerging women leaders as we can. So we set up the WACL Talent Awards to foster great talent and support more women on their journey to leadership.

Each year we are proud to award grants to around 30 women to fund a training course they choose to support their goals for the future.

This year, we are open to offering 100% grants up to the value of £3000 to all our winners. We would however encourage all applicants to consider asking their employer to contribute 25% of the grant value, as this will help us offer more grants to more talented women future leaders in our industry. If asking your employer to contribute is not an option for you, no problem – please still apply for a 100% grant. Our judging process will not be affected either way. 

WACL opened my eyes as to what true, altruistic female collaboration looks like. What happens when other women reach behind them to pull the rest of us up the career ladder with genuinely no gain for them. It’s inspired me in the way in which I relate to other colleagues, mentoring, and shown me what excellent leadership really looks like.

Bumble Davis – Taylor James

Who can apply?

The WACL Talent Awards are open to all WACL Talent; that is, all ambitious and talented women in advertising and communications aspiring to achieve their leadership potential.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your background is –  if you’re ambitious, want to make a difference and are motivated to succeed, you’re the perfect applicant for this awards scheme.

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Identify as a woman
  • Be currently or most recently employed or engaged in the media, marketing, advertising and communications industry
  • Based in the UK
  • Have at least 3 years of industry experience
  • Comitted to a career within this industry
  • Have the application endorsed by your current/recent employer or sponsor.

What are we looking for?

Below are five questions that will help you to explore whether the WACL Talent Awards are right for you. These questions are also designed to give you an insight into what the judges are looking for from applications

  1. Are you passionate about the media, marketing, advertising, and communications industry and can you share examples that bring this passion to life?
  2. How will your chosen course stretch you beyond where you are today and why does it feel like the right opportunity for you and your career?
  3. What examples can you share of supporting, growing and inspiring other women and tackling inclusion for all in the industry?
  4. What have you achieved outside of your day job that you’re proud of (personally and professionally)?
  5. What does being a leader mean to you and what are your leadership ambitions in the future?

Simply put, we want to hear the story of what sort of leader you are, how you inspire others and how you want to progress as a leader

How do I apply?

Visit the WACL website to access the application form.

All applications will be carefully reviewed and a shortlist of candidates will be invited to meet with a group of WACL Leaders who will then select the award winners.

Key dates for your calendar

Open for entries: 17th Sept 2021

Closing deadline for entries(updated): 5pm, 1st November 2021

Notification of shortlisting for interviews: early December 2021

Interviews take place – 24th/25th/27th January 2022

Notification of decision – February 2022


If you have questions, please download our FAQ or get in touch with one of the team by emailing us at wacl_talent@nabs.org.uk

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