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WACL Future Leader’s Award

WACL Future Leaders Award

Update: WACL Future Leaders Award has been replaced by WACL Talent Awards

Are you an independent, motivated woman looking to get ahead within the advertising and marketing industry? Then get entering the WACL Future Leaders Awards.

NABS is working with WACL to help spread the word of this great initiative. The winning prize is a fantastic training bursary offered to women within the industry to help enhance their likelihood of getting to the top ranks of their organisation.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are some great tips from past winners on why they entered, how to enter and how to choose the right course for you.

Emily Horswell WACL Future Leaders Award winner 2014:
Choose a course you are passionate about and look outside of the obvious choices, then the rest is easy! It’s not all about winning the award: Filling out the application pushes you to consider where you want to be in five years’ time, thinking of your career within this timescale helps you to prioritise today.

Hayley Sivner, WACL Future Leaders Award winner 2014:
Keep true to yourself – don’t be afraid to let your character come through in your application. Get creative with your responses- who says a text box has to be filled with text. Get a second opinion- don’t shy away from getting someone who knows you well to give your form the once over.

Jessica Cannon WACL Future Leaders Award winner 2011:
Make the time. everybody gets caught up in the day to day & filling in the WACL Future Leaders application form in addition to that document you have to write & the emails you need to respond to can seem a bridge too far. However for a limited amount of effort on a Saturday afternoon, you can reap the rewards for years!

Look beyond the obvious…the course I undertook (funded by WACL Future Leaders Fund) was not related to media or advertising. People from a multitude of backgrounds attended. A course in your direct industry may not benefit you as much as something more left field. Hopefully you are surrounded by inspiring leaders in your field every day so think about what else can stimulate you & provide you with the opportunity to learn.

Zaneta Pawlik WACL Future Leaders Award winner 2010 & 2011:

– Apply with a sense, believe that you can and conviction that you will

– Dare to be different and be proud of it

– Enjoy each part of the experience – as you don’t know where it may take you. (My degree was further explored, changed due to the advice I received from the panel judges)

– Keep in touch with people met along the way – you will be surprised how much of a support system, foundation to your dream plans they can offer

– Be happy applying, interviewing and later on studying – it’s an amazing opportunity and well-designed process that you have to find joy in

Carina Martin WACL Future Leaders Award winner 2008 & 2009:

My tip for future applicants is to choose a course that will enhance your life, not just your career. Pick a subject that genuinely fascinates or you’ll soon resent the loss of weekends and evenings. It’s hard to juggle a career and studying but it’s so much easier if you can’t wait to learn more about the subject.


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