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Why speaking out about your mental health is essential

by Louise Scodie

It’s Men’s Health Week 14-21 June 2021 and the theme is mental health post-Covid.

Chris Hayward, industry legend and friend of NABS went through his own mental health journey following a serious accident. Now a passionate advocate for mental health, Chris wants men across the industry to open up about their wellbeing.

In this fireside chat, Chris is frank and open about his mental health journey. It all started with a freak accident, which set Chris on a course that took him to a very dark place before his ultimate recovery. He’s full of practical, gentle advice on how you can spot the signs of mental health distress in yourself and in others, and how you can go about getting help.

Most importantly of all, Chris believes passionately that we need to be more open about mental health, and that we need to unafraid to seek help when we need it. Chris is a brilliant example of a true leader in this industry: someone who was at the top of his game, faced a huge challenge, but went about getting the help he needed to recover. He walks the walk as well as talking the talk, discussing his mental health journey with people across the industry in a bid to remove any stigma around the issue.

I loved talking to Chris; he’s engaging, down-to-earth and has a zest for life, as a huge fan of sports and music.

This chat contains the theme of suicide, so please take care if this is a trigger for you. If this talk brings up any issues for you, please call NABS – we are here to help.

NABS friendly and supportive Advice Line team is here to give you confidential and empathetic support. Call 0800 7070 6607 or email support@nabs.org.uk

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