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Specialist support if you have experienced sexual harassment

No-one should have to put up with sexual harassment, any time or anywhere.  Everyone has a right to feel safe.

If you have faced, or witnessed, sexual harassment, NABS are here for you.  If you’d like emotional support or practical guidance that’s free and confidential, you can contact the NABS Advice Line on 0800 707 6607 or at support@nabs.org.uk.

In 2018 alongside the Advertising Association and WACL, NABS founded timeTo – the campaign to end sexual harassment in the advertising and marketing industries. You can find out more about timeTo and the support on offer by visiting the website.

Below you can find a number of support organisations who offer specialised support to those who have experienced sexual harassment.

NABS does not recommend or endorse these specifically.

If you or someone else is in danger, please contact the police by

  • calling 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger
  • calling 101 if it’s not an emergency

Provide information and advice around sexual harassment and your rights, plus guidance on your support options are if you’ve been impacted by it yourself.

Helpline: 0300 123 1100


Citizens Advice

Provides free, confidential and independent advice if you’re experiencing sexual harassment.

You can read about sexual harassment and your rights, what to do if you’re being harassed at work, victimisation, and rape and sexual assault. You can also search for your local office to speak to an advisor directly or send them an email.


Equality Advisory Support Service

Can provide advice and guidance if you think you may have been discriminated against.

Helpline: 0808 800 0082



Provides a free, confidential and independent service for all LGBT+ people who have experienced sexual assault, violence or abuse, however or whenever it happened.

Helpline: 0800 999 5428


Rights of Women at Work

Offer some guidance on what to do if you’re experiencing sexual harassment at work.

They also provide free employment legal advice to women in England and Wales experiencing sexual harassment at work.

Advice line: 020 7490 0152


Rape Crisis

Offer a free confidential emotional Live Chat support service for females who have experienced sexual violence in England or Wales.

Website contains contact numbers for centres and basic guidance about rape and sexual violence for survivors, friends and family.

Helpline: 0808 500 2222


Rape Crisis Scotland

Rape Crisis Scotland supports those who are living in Scotland

Helpline: 0808 801 0302

Scottish Women's Right Centre

Their Sexual Harassment Legal Service provides information, advice, and representation to women who have encountered sexual harassment in the workplace.

Helpline: 08088 010 789


Survivors UK

SurvivorsUK helps to support men, trans, and non-binary people who have experienced sexual violence. They provide one-to-one counselling services (delivered face to face, by telephone and online), groupwork counselling, and an online national helpline.

They also provide a searchable database of specialist support services for men which you can use to find support in your local area.


Suzy Lamplugh Trust

A charity that works towards reducing the risk of violence and aggression through campaigning, education and support.

Their National Stalking Helpline gives practical information, support, and advice on risk, safety planning and legislation if you’re a victim of stalking

Helpline: 0808 802 0300


Victim Support

A charity dedicated to supporting victims of crime and traumatic incidents in England and Wales. They provide guidance on different types of sexual harassment and the support available. You can get help by calling their helpline, get support online or by contacting your local victim support office.

Support line: 0808 168 9111


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