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Specialist mental health support for those impacted by racism

It’s a sad fact that racism is still prevalent in our industry, systems and society today. Whether covert or more explicit, it can leave those targeted experiencing a raft of difficult feelings, such as feeling alone, upset, humiliated or angry.

If you’ve been the victim of racism in any form, from microaggressions to discrimination, there is support available. You can find details of specialist organisations here below.

You can also talk to NABS’ Advice Line. Our advisors can provide a listening ear and help you explore the options available, such as raising a complaint at work, without putting you under any pressure to take any action.

NABS does not recommend or endorse these specifically.

BAME in Mind - blog exploring mental health

A lifestyle blog exploring mental health and wellbeing addressing the stigma attached to mental health issues.


The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network - provides access of a community of therapists of Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean heritage

Provides access to a large community of therapists mainly of Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean heritage. You can search their directory of free or subsidised therapy specifically available for your community.


Black Minds Matter - connecting Black individuals and families with free mental health services

The BMM mission is to connect Black individuals and families with free mental health services provided by professional Black therapists. You can join the waiting list by visiting their website, where you can also find a page dedicated to the amplification of black stories.

Make Our Rights a Reality - self care tips and links to emotional support services and digital communities

Steps and self-care tips on their page ‘Supporting your mental health as a Young Black Person’, plus links to emotional support and digital communities to help connect with other Black people


Mind - advice and support for anyone experiencing a mental health problem

Actively campaign against Inequalities affecting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. You can speak to someone for support by calling their helpline or explore their website for lots of information and guidance on managing your mental health. Your local branch of Mind might also know of suitable organisations and support in your local area.

Helpline: 0300 123 3393


Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre - access to therapists if you're facing barriers such as language or culture

If you’re finding it challenging to access support due to barriers such as culture or language, you can access therapists who work across various languages and cultural backgrounds.

The network partners with BAME Stream to offer free bereavement support for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) adults who have been affected by the death of a loved one due to Covid-19. Visit BAME Stream’s website for info on how to self-refer for this.


Rethink Mental Illness - support specifically for Black, Asian and other minoritsed ethnic people experiencing mental health issues

Offers some support options specifically for black, asian & other minoritised ethnic people experiencing mental health issues.


Victim Support - support if you have been a victim of a hate crime

Can support you if you’ve been a victim of hate crime regardless of whether the incident has been reported to the police. You can get help by calling their helpline, getting support online or by contacting your local victim support.

Helpline: 0808 168 9111


Young Minds - offers guidance if your mental health has been affected through being treated unfairly due to your race or ethnicity

Offers some guidance on how to look after yourself if your mental health has been impacted by being treated differently or unfairly because of your race, skin colour or ethnicity.


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