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Remembering Jeremy Bullmore

Obituary: Jeremy Bullmore, past president of NABS 1998 – 2001Black and white pcture of Jeremy Bullmore

By Kate Harris, regional director, NABS 

Jeremy Bullmore, past president of NABS, has sadly passed away at the age of 93.  

Jeremy enjoyed a high-profile career, having run both J.Walter Thompson and WPP, but still made much time to give back to the advertising industry, including his role as president of NABS from 1998-2001.  

During his tenure at NABS, Jeremy created Fast Forward, our annual training scheme designed to give junior members of the industry experience in pitching, with collaboration, teamwork and mentoring all key parts of the programme. Fast Forward continues to be successful to this day. 

We’re so lucky to have benefited from Jeremy’s experience and expertise. What a person to learn from. Having started life as a copywriter at J. Walter Thompson in 1954, Jeremy worked his way up to agency chairman some 20 years later, before leaving for his new role as director of the WPP Group. During his stellar career, Jeremy worked on household names including Guinness, NatWest and Persil.  

I was CEO of NABS from 2000 to 2005. Jeremy interviewed me for my role as CEO and I still remember our chat vividly. Naturally, I was very nervous, but Jeremy immediately put me at ease by chatting with me about the BBC (who had been a client of mine) and cricket, which we both enjoyed. I could hardly see Jeremy at first, as his desk was like a lawyer’s, with piles and piles of papers and books on it! We laughed a great deal that day. When I got the role, Jeremy wrote me a short but beautiful note.  

Jeremy was wonderful. He taught me so much, quietly and with humour. I know that he did the same for colleagues at the Advertising Association, where he was appointed as chairman in 1981, and the Guardian Media Group, where he was non-executive director from 1998 to 2001.  

There was nobody better in advertising, or anywhere really. 

Judith Salinson, NABS trustee, says:

“Jeremy was so very generous with his time, his kindness and wise guidance. His idea was Fast Forward; the main reason being that he did not approve of the media function being made separate from the creative side of the business. He wanted the different disciplines to mix and know one another. The industry has lost a real treasure.” 

Chris Dickens, former NABS chairman and worldwide media director, Young and Rubicam, says:

“I first met Jeremy when I joined JWT as a TV buyer some 50 years ago. He was a brilliant creative mind and a true legend of the advertising industry. He never sought self-recognition, nor did he ever want his name on the door.   NABS was extremely honoured and proud to have Jeremy serve as its president, during which time he did much to promote the role of the charity in supporting those in need and introducing programmes to help people to improve their skills and knowledge for their personal development.  It was a privilege to be able to work with him, a one-off that will be truly missed.” 

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