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Questionnaire: Working Parents Programme

Last year, the NABS Working Parents Programme was born, designed specifically for parents in our industry. The Programme’s aim was to offer guidance and advice to advertising and media mums and dads, their colleagues and their employers.

In 2016, NABS looks to expand this continuing service even further. We want to make sure that no parent in our industry is left without the right support, skills and mind-set necessary to be at their best in their careers and at home, and we want their peers and employers to have the right tools to work effectively with their parent colleagues.

But first we want to really understand the opinions, attitudes and requirements of everyone in our industry towards working parents; which is why we have carried out an industry-wide survey on the topic and why we have asked you to take part in this research.

Thank you for your time and input, helping us to improve our services for the industry.

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What originally attracted you to work in the advertising and media industry? value is required

How much time do you spend outside of regular work hours per week going to work related events eg client dinners, drinks with colleagues? value is required

Do you have children? How many? value is required

If you have children, do you work flexibly or work part-time? value is required

If you don’t have children, do you see yourself staying in the industry when you start a family? value is required

Do you think it’s realistic to have children and still succeed in your career? Please expand. value is required

What do you think are the key barriers for mothers in our industry? value is required

Are there any senior people in your company who you look towards as successfully balancing their work careers with being a parent? Please tell us a little about them (we don’t require names) value is required

What would you like senior leaders in our industry to know or understand about those who are, or those who want to become a parent within our industry? value is required

What is the one thing you think the industry needs to do better to support parents? value is required

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