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The one thing that can improve your wellbeing at work

Improving your wellbeing at work can be as simple as finding one thing during the day that you can do to lighten your mood.

Here are six quick and easy ways to boost your wellbeing at work, courtesy of the NABS team.

Eating is not cheating

Our very talented senior partnerships manager and registered nutritional therapist, Jo Bolger, says that 60% of the brain is made of fat – which means that you need to feed it, and feed it well.

“Eating a good breakfast that includes protein and fat will keep you fuller for longer, helping you to stay focused throughout the day.”

Take time out

It’s so important to take breaks during the day. Time away from your screen will refresh your mind, helping you to become more productive and creative.

There are a number of ways that you can do this throughout the day. Take your full lunch break, go for a walk and some fresh air or grab a coffee with a colleague. Lindsay Farrar, head of data and insights, builds a walk into her daily commute.

“I try to use a tube station that’s quieter and further away from the office. It gives me a 20-minute walk, fresh air and personal space either side of my working day.”

Be open

Steve Rowe, lead senior support advisor is a fan of bringing your whole self to work. He advises: “Opening up to colleagues about work and personal life can help you gain new perspectives and also help others to understand where you are coming from.”

Perspective is your friend

“Work’s not the be-all-and-end-all. If you’re under pressure, tell your colleagues or your manager. Don’t hold in worries, stress or anxiety. Same applies at home too!”

Sam Orrin, senior partnerships manager

Keep a positive mind-set

Nicky Harris, director of strategy and development, learned two things during her NLP training that she finds helpful: everyone is doing the best with the resources they have, and everyone’s primary intent is a positive one, regardless of their behaviour.

Nicky says: “When you fully believe that no one is intentionally trying to derail your day then you are in a much better headspace to respond with kindness and understanding.”

“My wellbeing is 100% improved on the days when I’m fully embracing these concepts. On the other days, chocolate helps!”

Enjoy your free time

Everyone enjoys different things. It is important to make time for the things you care about outside of work, whether it is fitness, crafts, travelling or anything else.

Doing things that you enjoy can help you stay motivated, feel connected and have a more positive outlook.

“Make the most of your evenings, weekends and annual leave. Whether it’s movie night at home, a Saturday picnic in the park or a holiday, I find having something to look forward to boosts my mood and keeps me motivated. For me, I have a goal to visit 5 new places a year.”

Melanie Clement, communications executive
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