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Managing Anxiety: grounding techniques

Grounding is about connecting with your physicality and bringing you back into the present moment.  In this video, we share our top five tips for grounding.
  1. Noticing what your eyes observe (1m25s)This helps to bring you back to the present moment, rather than focusing on the past or the future
  2. Breathing techniques (4m)Breathing techniques work with the deepest level of the brain (the primal brain) to soothe your nervous system
  3. Giving yourself a big hug! (5m23)Go ahead. You deserve it!
  4. Shaking to calm your nervous system (6m39s)Shaking can release adrenaline from your nervous system, in addition to other benefits
  5. Grounding into the earth (8m55s)This is about connecting to the energy of the earth.  It’s more esoteric so may not be for everyone
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