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International Coaching Week

Words by Emma Pratt, careers coach at NABS

May 18-24th sees a global celebration of coaching. It’s the 16th annual International Coaching Week where tens of thousands of coaches  help people to better understand the benefits of coaching, what its impact can be on them, and on those with whom they work.

Coaches across the world will be engaging with their communities to enable as many people as possible to experience coaching, perhaps for the first time. Here at NABS, our Executive Coaches will be doing the same, engaging with our industry by offering 20 minute ‘phone coaching taster sessions’ from the 19th to the 22nd May.

The NABS Executive Coaching service has been engaging with creative agencies, media agencies and owners for over seven years. In that time we have seen literally hundreds of industry folk across all disciplines, levels and ages and have supported them in developing their careers, performance and wellbeing. Over the course of International Coaching Week we hope to work with as many of you as possible, to share with you both the coaching experience and the benefits it can bring.

How will a 20 Minute Phone Coaching Taster Session work?

As the coachee, you would decide what you would like to achieve from your 20 minute coaching taster session. An idea of the types of areas that could be covered might include: career planning, developing leadership skills, increasing confidence, optimising performance, clarifying your vision, developing gravitas, managing up, self-belief, resilience, stepping into a new role or team motivation, amongst much more. Basically, whatever you would like to talk about. In these 20 minutes you will have the opportunity to discuss your career objective with an independent  party, gain insight and clarity on your situation and walk away with some powerful tools and techniques to help you move forwards.

At NABS we find that lots of people we speak to are keen to advance their careers, as well as their learning and development, but have never worked with a coach before, so aren’t sure what to expect  nor what they will be able to achieve from having coaching. The most common questions asked tend to be ‘how could coaching help me?’, ‘I’m not sure what I want to do next in my career, can I talk about that?’ or ‘would my company know what I came to see you about?’. In answer…

What exactly is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching provides a safe and confidential environment for a coachee to explore a specific career topic they want to discuss, working towards a particular goal or goals. An Executive Coach will help a coachee to find the insights and answers themselves, creating in turn a deeper learning, a widened perspective and an increased awareness. This leads to better results, confidence, motivation and empowerment.

The Benefits of Executive Coaching

• Taking a pause from the day-to-day for an hour or so to focus on yourself and your career.  This gives you both the space to think without distractions and to have someone else focus fully on you. How often do any of us give ourselves the time to do that?

• Helping you to become clear and focused on what comes next in your career. Is it developing a roadmap to achieve your career aspirations, achieving promotion, developing new skills, achieving more fulfilment from your role or creating a better work/life balance?

• Identifying your values, interests, skills, strengths and motivators, and working through what might be holding you back as well as what can move you forward

• Developing personal effectiveness, prioritising demands, gaining clarity, refining ideas, setting better goals and performing at your fullest potential

• Having a sounding board; someone to challenge you, expand your thinking, create options, develop strategies  and who will motivate you to action

Perhaps the best questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to work with a coach is ‘Where do I want to be in a years time?’ and ‘What will happen if I don’t make the change to get there?’ If the answer to the latter isn’t appealing then it’s time to talk to a NABS Executive Coach.

To be a part of International Coaching Week and to experience Executive Coaching for yourself, book your 20 minute phone coaching taster session now. This is for one week only. There are limited spaces and we expect demand to be high so book your spot now by calling 0207 290 7070 or emailing now.


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