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Resilience Programme

Sometimes, the everyday pressures of work and life can take their toll. And, whilst we’re not here to stop it from happening, we can prepare you for the days when anxiety and stress hit you when you’re down. Download the Little Guide to Managing Pressure for quick tips to help you manage stress.

As well as providing a dedicated Advice Line offering guidance to help you get back to peak condition, we also offer:


Our Resilience Programme offers bespoke Masterclasses on building resilience to pressure and services tailored to help you make the bad days better.

Visit our calendar to see when our next building resilience Masterclass is taking place.

Wellbeing Talks

We provide a range of talks designed to give individuals the knowledge required to maintain peak performance both in and out of the workplace – with subjects including mindfulness, performing under pressure, sleeplessness and mental toughness.

Visit our calendar to see when our wellbeing sessions are taking place.

1:1 Stress Coaching

Our 1:1 coaching sessions are designed to help individuals better understand how to recognise and manage stress flashpoints. These sessions are run on a monthly basis at NABS HQ.

Visit our calendar to see when our next one-to-one stress coaching sessions are taking place.


NABS’ therapy referral service is designed to support those working in the media and advertising industries to manage a variety of challenges.   These can include low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, grief, eating problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and personality disorders, amongst others.

For more information on any of the above, email our Careers team  or view our upcoming events.

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