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How to Build a Mindset for Life

Luke Tyburski is an endurance adventurer, speaker, and mindset coach who battled with depression for over a decade.

Suffering in silence for much of this time, Luke learned how to adapt to the setbacks life throws our way – conquering numerous physical challenges, including a 2000km triathlon from Morocco to Monaco – on the way.

On #WorldMentalHealthDay Luke shares a few of his guiding principles for developing a mindset for life, when faced with adversity.

What’s your life philosophy?

Do you have a set of guidelines, a phrase, or even a word, which describes how you want to live your life? Spending time developing a life philosophy will not only help you understand how you want to live your life, but also the way in which you want to conduct yourself each and every day.

My life philosophy is to ‘learn daily and teach others what life has taught me.’

Who controls your attitude?

Do you let people, circumstances, or outcomes determine whether your attitude is positive or negative?

You are in control of your own attitude, but most people focus on the things they can’t control, which tends to frustrate, annoy, or disappoint them; turning their attitude negative.

By focusing on the things you can control, while not wasting energy on the things you can’t, you will stay positive throughout each day. 

Supportive communication

Having a conversation about mental health can be a difficult topic to navigate. Having suffered in silence about my battle with depression for nearly a decade before I spoke to anyone, the best place to start is by simply showing up for someone.

If you suspect somebody is struggling, simply take the time to be there for them, and ask them how they are.

If you’re suffering yourself, I urge you to reach out to somebody.

Your first stop could be the NABS’ Advice Line. Their friendly and knowledgeable advisors are on hand to talk to you about what you’re going through whether it’s anxiety and stress, emotional support or financial assistance. Make today the day you take that first step and open up to somebody.

Failing is Positive

If you are still breathing, then I truly belief that all failures can be positive. Instead of viewing failure purely as a negative, try seeing it as an opportunity to learn.  By understanding what went wrong, and gaining knowledge through the act of reflection, you will continually learn, grow, and progress in life.

Life is short, stop wasting your precious time worrying about things out of your control, and start spending time understanding what you want in life, and choosing to be positive every day.

Words by Luke Tyburski


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