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Furlough is a new term for many of us.

In these quick video guides, Annabel McCaffery, Head of Support at NABS answers questions you may have around furlough and the government’s job retention scheme.

This page was updated on 16th April and 1st May with additional videos to reflect the recent changes to the scheme. The most up-to-date information on furlough can be found on the on the UK Government website.


Introduction to Furlough

Start here to learn:

  • What is furlough?
  • I’ve been asked to furlough by my employer – what does this mean?
  • Am I eligible to be put on furlough?
  • Do I have to accept furlough?
  • How long does furlough last?
  • How much will I get paid during furlough?



Update: April 16

This update covers the changes to eligibility for the furlough scheme.

  • The cut off date to be eligible for the furlough scheme has now been extended for employees on the PAYE payroll before the 19th March 2020





Update: May 1

We address recently announced changes to the furlough scheme including

  • The extension to the furlough scheme until end of June 2020
  • Advice for taking holiday while furloughed

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