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Dear Reader

Dear reader,

I think I know what you’re thinking.

I think there is a strong chance that you’re reading this and you’re really not sure what we can do for you.

Yep, that’s right, I said you. The whole you and some would say the most important part of you.

Your wellbeing. 

Perhaps you came to one of our talks and now you’ve been encouraged to contact us.

Maybe you opened up to a work colleague or maybe you spoke to someone from HR.

And despite your pride and perhaps some fear of not knowing where to begin or what to say, you’re considering ‘how to…’

How to… email. How to… call. How to… explain.

What if I told you we can help?

We could guide and provide you with options so you feel less stuck.

We could coach you, so you confidently take that next step forward.

We could inform you so you’re better equipped to manage relations at work.

We could educate you so you’re resilient to further pressures.

We could widen your professional networks, so you have a bigger community to call on.

We can do a lot.

So I say: do it.

I say… call.

I say… email.

I say… we’ll lead.

We’ll help.

So when you’re ready to talk, we’ll be listening.

From your friends at NABS

Call our Advice Line now, whatever the problem on 0800 707 6607 or visit our website to take that first step to get help.

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