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Coaching in Manchester

Words by Jo Irvine, career coach at NABS

In November I started working for NABS as their Manchester-based career coach. This was an opportunity for me to combine my passion for coaching with my love for the north and its people.

I have been living in Salford for the last 12 years. I love working in London but I feel stronger and freer when I am here. It feels like in Manchester I can take more risks. The opportunity to coach in Manchester makes me feel like I am part of the growing creative society. I am from Liverpool and left to study art in London in 1981. I understand London and I feed off its resources but I need the space outside the metropolis to breathe. The pace is by no means slower; it’s different, it’s edgy and raw.

So, what is coaching? Coaching offers you time to think, a moment to be selfish and indulge in thinking about yourself. When you talk, the coach will listen and encourage you to talk some more.  It’s confidential and in the session a relationship begins that offers something unique. A moment to share your thoughts, ideas, plans and challenges with a supportive, encouraging stranger.

I create a space when coaching where you can relax and feel ready to challenge yourself and be creative. Finding a space to coach is a core part of the process for me but it is not only the physical space, but the atmospheric space that is created by the coach that for me makes a session work. I endeavour to create a feeling of safety and warmth. And in creating this safe space, the coachee can find a way to relax and be themselves.

Coaching is now recognised as a core part of career development. This is an opportunity to try out a session and see if it works for you. In coaching, a relationship based on trust is created in a short space of time and it feels good. It then disappears but a strong feeling is left and then it’s up to the coachee to take action.

NABS now offers coaching on Thursdays for members of our Manchester and Edinburgh communities. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of coaching, or book a session visit our website.

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