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Why we’re encouraging alternatives to the boozy client lunch at blowUP media

Written by Howard Staines, director of sales, blowUP media

It’s that time of the year where we return to work after the festive period, feeling slightly overindulged after all of the food and drink of December. But as we flow into January, we at blowUP are determined to get the new year (and decade) off to a good start by improving our wellbeing and mindset.

And we’ll do that by banning traditional client lunches for the next few months in favour of more creative and inclusive options.

It’s our third successful year of this initiative. Back in January 2017, we decided to take a period of rest from the over-eating and drinking that had preceded, by banning media lunches in Q1. This gave us a chance to take a step back and to look at opportunities to build both wellbeing and deeper relationships with our clients and colleagues within the industry.

Ceramics at Blow-Up Media
Barrys Bootcamp

This idea began to progress more deeply into a fundamental look at our staff wellbeing. We went on to create internal wellbeing events and introduced flexible working and mental health first aiders. Of course, we also encourage our staff to make use of NABS, who do an amazing job of supporting the emotional and mental health of everybody in our industry.

We know that looking after our staff and clients’ mental and physical health will benefit them personally and professionally. It helps us to work more efficiently, delivering great results for our teams and our business.

Another element to supporting mental health is of course, inclusivity. For people who don’t wish to drink, boozy lunches can prove difficult. That’s another great reason to create opportunities to meet with and entertain our clients in environments that allow everyone to feel comfortable.

We’re encouraging everybody at blowUP to get involved with this initiative by making suggestions for interesting alternatives to the client lunch – and we’re even asking our clients for their ideas.

Last year, we enjoyed some great activities including ceramic painting, escape rooms and Barry’s Bootcamp. I’m looking forward to hearing what the team think up this year that will boost our wellbeing at work.

Here’s to a happy and healthy year ahead.

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