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All Ears | Our Goal

NABS is carrying out a community consultation as part of our role as the marketing, media and advertising industry’s charity. Our aim is to identify, prioritise and accelerate the ideas and practices which will most effectively advance the mental wellness of people working in our community, over the long term.
  • We will gather information, insight and inspiration from diverse voices across the community
  • We will go deep, testing new hypotheses for how to drive change and enhance support
  • We will seek support for NABS’ renewed strategic plan, and embrace challenge too

The community consultation will actively seek to include contributions from every part and every level of the industry. We will consult in multiple forms to maximise access. These will include discussion forums, surveys, anonymous contributions and gathering of best practices.
At the end of the consultation, we will produce a full report detailing what we have learnt that could benefit our community, and make specific public commitments around how the learnings will shape the priorities within NABS’ renewed strategic plan.

The findings will also directly drive the development and prioritisation of new products and services, intended to effectively advance the mental wellness of people across our community.

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