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Annabel’s story.

It turns out that NABS is my tribe.

Of course, joining 20 years ago as a Support Advisor, I’d no idea I’d discovered my professional clan.

But I had.

Throughout my life’s ups & downs, NABS’ brilliant troupe of colleagues has always been thoughtful and empowering.

When I moved (briefly) to Devon & reckoned I’d have to leave, their response?  “No problem. You can work from home.”

When I experienced a mental health crisis. They said “Let us be part of your recovery.”

And despite the natural churn in the tribe, there’s been a constant drum-beat we’ve all danced to, a consistent belief in championing the wellbeing of our people in NABS, in our wider community and throughout our vibrant but often stressful industry.

So I’m still here, still intent on improving the lives of our clients everyday.

And we’re all still dancing – me and my tribe.

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