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Two-thirds of the industry has considered leaving due to poor wellbeing.

The UK advertising and media industry is at a risk of staff burnout as 63% say they’ve considered leaving the industry at some point due to work negatively impacting their wellbeing. The industry could lose a generation as 77% of those surveyed are aged under 40. Research performed by NABS and Mind also found that...
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Coaching in Manchester

Words by Jo Irvine, career coach at NABS In November I started working for NABS as their Manchester-based career coach. This was an opportunity for me to combine my passion for coaching with my love for the north and its people. I have been living in Salford for the last 12 years. I love working...
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The Advertising Association, NABS and WACL join forces to launch timeTo to combat sexual harassment

ISBA and the IPA pledge their support Industry think-tank, Credos, will run first study   Today, March 12th 2018, the Advertising Association, NABS and WACL are launching a new initiative – timeTo – to address the problem of sexual harassment in the advertising and marketing industry. timeTo builds on the global #MeToo and #TimesUp movements,...
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NABS in 2017

The Novice Parent

Words by Steve Rowe, head of support, NABS 3rd August 2017, 11.40am. A date and time I’ll remember fondly forever. This was the moment my little girl, Ruby, arrived into the world weighing a pinch over 5lbs and sporting a quite magnificent flock of hair.  She was perfect and instantly became the most important and...
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Self-care: the top three myths debunked

Words by Ellie Gerszt, Partnerships Executive at NABS Like avocado on toast, a sense of entitlement and an inability to function without a smartphone, the phrase ‘self-care’ seems inherently millennial. It speaks of a snowflake generation who can’t get through life without selfishly prioritising themselves. However, the Oxford English Dictionary defines self-care as ‘The practice...
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Life catches up with you fast

Words by David Felton There’s an expression that I’ve seen a lot online recently; ‘life catches up with you fast’. One minute you’ve got a swagger in your step and the stars have aligned to make your dreams come true. The next and you’re desperately trying to climb out of a dark hole. Nowhere does...
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Mental health in the advertising and media industry

Interview with Kirsty Newman – Accounts Co-ordinator, Financial Times

Interview with Chris Forrester – CRO, The Telegraph