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NABS speaks to people across our community every day about how to advance mental wellness. That means we start our consultation with a strong understanding of issues that are increasingly key drivers of mental wellness across our industry.

Here are three of the key topics that we’ve heard about repeatedly over the last year. If you’d like to come and explore these topics with us, get in touch. If you think there are other questions we should be thinking about, let us know:

1. Pressure on managers is intense and growing

This creates mental wellness pressures both for managers, and the people they manage.

The industry recognises great work more than management.

2. Friction is building via misaligned mindsets and expectations

Differences in generations, lived experiences and working preferences are creating friction. People have very different views on where work is going and are co-existing not aligning or collaborating on a way forward.

3. People need better tools to talk about mental wellness

The industry has got better at acknowledging mental health, but people are still reluctant to open up for fear of what happens next.

People still fear negative personal and professional impact. And people don’t feel confident that they know how to help.


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