Working Parents

And how was your day? Separation Through Distance and Time

Words by Katrina Urban, Services Support Manager at NABS  This week I attended the NABS Working Parents Masterclass on ‘Separation Through Distance & Time’ with Julie Johnson, who is a psychotherapist and PSHE consultant in schools. As a single, full-time working mum to Josh who is 8-going-on-15, the time I have at home with him... Continue Reading

The Rollercoaster of Adolesence

Words by Debra Douglas, Senior Support Advisor at NABS Prompted by my line manager I went along to the Working Parents Masterclass on ‘The Teenage Years’ at NABS this week. She knows I have a 13 year old daughter who likes to give me challenges, sometimes on a daily basis! If I’m honest she has... Continue Reading

From Twirlywoos to Twitter feeds

Words by Victoria Hill, Freelance Social Media Manager & Consultant and mum of one “Media professional with over 15 years’ experience in Digital-Out-Of-Home, content management, PR and communications for hire.” Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? But hang on – this media professional just so happens to be a mum of one who needs flexible and remote... Continue Reading

Working Parents Initiative Launch Film

NABS presents: The different perspectives of working parents

It’s tough for working parents. Our NABS research on this topic tells us that a resounding number of parents (85%) feel guilty because they have to balance work and parental commitments, one in ten (11%) have had to leave a job because of the additional pressures of parenthood – and more than half (57%) know... Continue Reading

Finding Balance as a Working Parent

Words by Luke Morris Busyness is our badge of honour in the advertising industry. We’ve truly become pros. Leaving work before 6.30? Wouldn’t dream of it. Sick days? Never! Lunch breaks?? Shmunch breaks! It reminds me of my first job. A lowly grad in a top London ad agency. Without many responsibilities (I was very... Continue Reading

Overcoming guilt as a working parent

Words by Sybille Chrissovelini Deep breath in: “My name is Sybille Chrissoveloni and I’m big time pregnant and have a one year old at home, as well as working full time as a business partner at Ogilvy on an international account…” Deep breath out. You can imagine then that NABS’ first Working Parents Workshop on... Continue Reading