Mindfulness – the art of turning Depleting activities into Nourishing ones  

Words by Emma Pratt, Executive Career Coach at NABS I’m sure everyone reading this has heard of mindfulness.  Some of you might even have tried it, but how many of us practise it regularly or are aware of the fact that mindfulness can help to reduce stress and anxiety?  We all tend to rush through... Continue Reading

The Rollercoaster of Adolesence

Words by Debra Douglas, Senior Support Advisor at NABS Prompted by my line manager I went along to the Working Parents Masterclass on ‘The Teenage Years’ at NABS this week. She knows I have a 13 year old daughter who likes to give me challenges, sometimes on a daily basis! If I’m honest she has... Continue Reading

The Science of Stress

By Uzma Afridi, Business Psychologist and NABS Career Coach It’s National Stress Awareness Day today, and now more than ever as an industry and individuals we need to take mental health and wellbeing seriously. In October, an absence management study by the CIPD found that two-fifths of respondents reported that stress-related absence in their organisation... Continue Reading

International Coaching Week

Words by Emma Pratt, careers coach at NABS May 18-24th sees a global celebration of coaching visit this page. It’s the 16th annual International Coaching Week where tens of thousands of coaches  help people to better understand the benefits of coaching, what its impact can be on them, and on those with whom they work.... Continue Reading