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Nikki Owen

Award-winning speaker and best-selling author

Nikki J Owen has devoted over 30 years to researching and pioneering how business leaders can inspire extraordinary performance particular during challenging times. Owen’s unique model demonstrates that when people are aligned and well, their mindset transitions into growth and they access their highest functioning capability. In sport this is referred to a ‘Being in the Zone’. In business it’s charisma. 

Using insights from cellular biology, Quantum Mechanics and neuroscience, Nikki demonstrates the impact of emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing on productivity, performance and results. Her radical ideas and unusual delivery style combined with her unique gift to ‘see beyond the surface’ creates a powerful impact. She is described as mesmerising, audacious and at the frontiers of leadership development. 

When employees feel anxious or stressed, they may not realise that they have triggered old and unprocessed emotions that are disruptive in the workplace. You can’t create a growth mindset that leads to high performance with a bunch of negative emotions suppressed.”   

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