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WellFest 2019 Programme

Theme: What does wellbeing look like?

8.15am: Registration and networking breakfast

8.45am: ‘Welcome to WellFest’ from NABS Chairman, Simon Daglish, deputy managing director, commercial sales at ITV

8.50am: ‘How’s Work?’ Introduction to the day by NABS CEO, Diana Tickell

9am: ‘Authenticity in action: bringing your whole self to work’, panel chaired by Jennifer Healy, featuring Carrie Birmingham, Rishi Dastidar and Gian Power.

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9.40am: Performance on mental health and the grief cycle by poet and mental health campaigner, Hussain Manawer

Theme: The Crux.

10am: ‘Let’s smash open the doors to truth’, welcome back from NABS CEO, Diana Tickell

10.05am: ‘What does wellbeing look like?’, panel chaired by Kerry Glazer with Juliet Harris, Asif Sadiq and Karan Tattersfield.

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10.45am: Comfort break

11am: ‘Workplace wellbeing: the centre of your success’, keynote address by Karen Blackett OBE

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11.20am: ‘A philosophical and relational approach to wellbeing’, with Alison Reynolds and David Lewis

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11.40am: Workshops

‘Understanding the value of emotional intelligence and your impact on others’ with Uzma Afridi, head of careers at NABS

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‘Non-verbal stress management’ with Othman Haddad

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‘How to prevent burnout’ with Shomit Mitter, leading London therapist, The Life Adventure

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‘Neuroscience of collaboration’ with Ali Tisdall

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Mental Health at Work – How to get good at noticing and what to do when you have?  with Anna Chart

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12:40pm: Lunch and networking in the wellbeing marketplace, sponsored by Havas Media

Wellbeing market stands sponsored by Yulife, Zipporah 7 and Northstar Therapies, timeTO

Lunchtime sound bath with Priya Datta and Othman Haddad

Theme: dare to be different

1.40pm: ‘Dare to be different’, welcome back from Terri Bailey

1.45pm: ‘Dare to Thrive‘, panel chaired by Nicola Kemp featuring Natasha Devon MBE, Katy Leeson, Matthew Knight and Simon White

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2.25pm: ‘Growth mindset – expect miracles’ with Nikki Owen

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3pm: Workshops

‘Good mood food: eat for gut-health and boost your wellbeing’ with Joanne Bolger

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‘Courageous choir’ with Tabitha Beaven

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‘Storytelling, Creativity & Unleashing Your Superpower’ with Preethi Nair, Harper Collins published author, The Life Adventure

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‘Ancient wisdom for a modern agency’ with Katie Brindle, best-selling author, The Life Adventure

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‘Breathing 101’ with Michael Townsend Williams

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4pm: Coffee break in Riverside room

Theme: together we thrive

4.10pm: In conversation with...Will Young and Claire Sanderson

4.50pm: ‘Together we thrive’, key takeaways and closing from NABS CEO, Diana Tickell

5pm: Networking drinks in the wellbeing marketplace

Please note: this programme is subject to change.