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NABS & Squared Online

As the industry develops at such a rapid pace, you may find there are gaps in your experience or skill set, particularly in the digital/online arena that might impede your career development

With the NABS & Squared Online – Upskilling Grant, we can help re-energise and accelerate your career by adding a new skills dimension for better career fulfilment and increased knowledge.

NABS’ focus is on preventing job loss or secure re-employment in rapidly changing technological environment.


You are out of work or your role is potentially at risk unless you upskill.

For example:

  • You have missed out on opportunities to develop
  • You have not been considered for training opportunities
  • You have been overlooked for promotion
  • You are at a junction in your career whereby it is imperative you upskill in digital


  • You have spent a substantial amount of your career in advertising/media and a minimum of 3 years relevant work experience
  • You want to develop your expertise in digital and must have a mindset to become an agent of change. You should have an enquiring mind, an entrepreneurial spirit and not be afraid to challenge the status quo
  • You are committed to completing the Squared Online programme and have enough time
  • You can work as an effective member of a team
  • You are not in a position to entirely fund this course yourself and can provide supporting documents to demonstrate you meet our financial eligibility

Squared Online courses are worth £1,990.80 inc. VAT.

Application Options

Option 1: fully funded place

Application for a full grant from NABS: £1,990.80 (inc. VAT)

You need help with the full funding for the course.

You are able to demonstrate

  • If working, you are not in a financial position to fund the course yourself and your company are not prepared to cover the cost
  • If in between jobs, you are not in a financial position to fund the course yourself

Option 2: co-funded place

Application for a grant contribution from NABS

You need help with only partial funding for the course and are able to contribute towards the course yourself.

You are able to demonstrate

  • If you are working or in between jobs, you are not in a financial position to fully fund the course yourself

With both options:

  • to avoid any unnecessary drop-out costs to NABS, we will require you to provide a deposit of up to £250.00 or ask that your company underwrites the course cost. The level of deposit will depend on your income and savings levels.
  • NABS will consider loaning some or all of the funds for the course on an interest-free basis.

Application Process

There will be an application process whereby you will have to complete an application form, demonstrating that you meet the criteria and can clearly explain how this course will benefit your career.

In addition to our application form, you may be required to have a career coaching session with our in-house coaches.

Applications will be presented to the NABS Support Committee who will decide how NABS can help.

As a guide, the assessment of financial eligibility will be as follows:

For those in work:

Majority of monthly income is allocated to monthly outgoings with little surplus.

Have less than £5k in savings; if you have more, you can reasonably justify why they can’t use these savings.


For those in between jobs:

Majority of monthly income (e.g. state benefits) is allocated to monthly outgoings with little surplus

Have less than £10k in savings; if you have more, you can reasonably justify why you can’t use these savings.

To apply for the NABS & Squared Online Upskilling Grant, please complete this form