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Squared Online Course Content

Course snapshot

  • One live class per week
  • 5 sequential learning modules
  • 130 hours of practical learning over 5 months
  • Dedicated team to support you throughout the course
  • Endorsed by the IPA and the IAB and accredited by the CPD
  • Develop expertise highly valued by brands, agencies and employers

Prerequisites for Squared Online

Squared Online is an advanced level certificate. To meet the entrance criteria you’ll need a first or second class university degree, or one of the following:

  • 3+ years of work experience, ideally in marketing
  • A level 4 marketing qualification such as the CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing


  • Module 1 – Think Disruptive
  • Module 2 – A Connected World
  • Module 3 – Think Optimised
  • Module 4 – Think Like A Brand
  • Module 5 – The Ongoing Revolution

How it works

Squared Online creates the digital leaders of tomorrow. Developed with Google and powered by Home Learning College.  Taught by industry experts, you will increase your confidence and competence in digital strategy. The course takes place online over four months.

Squared Online is not just about acquiring digital skills. You’ll be challenged to become an effective leader whilst improving your offer personal effectiveness and leadership capabilities.

Please contact Squared Online for the full course brochure and the Support Team at NABS for more information on course funding.