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NABS 100 Club events

The NABS 100 Club is a group of like-minded industry leaders, from creative and media agencies, media owners and clients, who we call upon throughout the year for our talks, one-to-one and group mentoring events.

We are transforming our 100 Club into a platform for senior industry leaders to network and collaborate together at exclusive masterclasses and events.

The 100 Club events will be free to attend, but available on a first-come, first-served basis – and serve as another way for NABS brings together our community of senior supporters and help you learn, network and share your expertise.

2020 Calendar to be confirmed

4 December 2019 | Resilience to pressure

This interactive masterclass will equip you with the long-term tools you need to approach pressured or stressful situations in a more positive and productive way.

  • Identify the difference between pressure and anxiety and how these can lead to stress
  • Recognise the emotional perceptions and symptoms that cause stress and how behavioural  triggers & limiting beliefs impact our responses
  • Ways to take positive control of limiting thinking patterns and behaviours to give back control of situations
  • Shared tips and strategies to help manage pressure to improve performance and wellbeing

4 February 2020 | NABS President’s Breakfast

All of NABS’ 100 Club are invited to our annual President’s Breakfast.

This is an excellent opportunity for all members to kick off the year with our President, Kerry Glazer, our Chairman, Simon Daglish and our CEO, Diana Tickell, who present NABS’ plans and views on the wellbeing of our industry.

TBC 2020 | Neuroscience of decision making

This Neuroscience of Decision Making Masterclass will allow you to better understand how decision making works in the brain. Through this understanding, you will become better equipped to manage your personal energy and business processes.

  • Clarity on the type of decisions you are making and the conflicting logical and emotional issues at play
  • Strategies to mitigate for bias
  • A better idea of when to trust intuitive decision making and when not to
  • Techniques for minimizing cognitive loads, and ensuring your best self is available to you for major decisions

TBC 2020 | Wellbeing at work. What does good look like?

NABS have launched our evidence-based, neuroscience research-led SHEPARD model to identify the seven characteristics of wellbeing, which are key to being at your best at work and at home.

The model is designed to help people better understand their own wellbeing and is guiding the development of NABS’ services.

As a senior leader at your organisation, we invite you to understand why wellbeing is important, and the ROI of investing in wellbeing initiatives – how supporting it will benefit your business, your staff and you.

TBC 2020 | Neurowellbeing for leadership

This interactive masterclass is for senior leaders who wish to learn how to become a leader that encourages people to thrive so that they can perform to their very best at work. Participants will share, learn, and develop ideas that they can confidently take back and implement in their workplace, creating a work environment that actively promotes wellbeing.

  • Understand the importance and value of a healthy brain and mind for individuals to build resilience
  • Promote individual excellence, innovative, and creative thinking that enables people to bring of all their brains to work
  • Understand how wellbeing sustains performance, trust, and open-minds
  • Recognise and explore the value of cognitive neurodiversity
  • Familiarise yourself with the NABS Shepard Model
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