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Creatives: meet our expert Ray Brennan, who can help you maximise your career

by NABS creative adviser, Ray Brennan

I’ve been an advertising creative for nearly 30 years, having worked in permanent and freelance roles on some great campaigns (find out more on my LinkedIn here). When NABS asked me to come on board as their creative adviser in 2015, it was an honour to be able to give something back to an industry that has been good to me.

How I can help you

You can use me as a resource to improve your career, whatever your goals or challenges might be. Share your portfolio or website with me and I can suggest how to reorder your work to maximise its impact.  If you think upskilling will help to move you to the next level, or the next job, I can offer suggestions on which training courses will benefit you.

Looking for a new creative partner, or for a hand with networking? I can connect you with people to work with and get inspiration and information from. I’ve helped to team up junior copywriters and art directors, as well as middle-weight creatives who have split up from their creative partners for various reasons, and connected senior creatives who have moved into freelance work. I can also arrange for you to chat to directors, producers and designers who have reached the top of their profession and can give you further insight into their creative world.

And if you want a creative chat and moral support, I’m here for that too.


If you’ve spent a large proportion of your career in the industry then you’re eligible for creative sessions with me; whether you’re advertising or design-focused, from junior to senior level roles. That includes people with production skills, from budding directors to motion graphic, UX and UI designers. I’ve even supported account managers and planners, who want advice on how to become creatives, having realised where all the fun is had! If you’ve just started out, then as long as you’ve had a placement, then you are eligible.

Book a session with me.


Unbiased advice from a talented creative working in the industry is invaluable!

Ray was brilliant, striking the balance between critiquing and supporting. It really helps to have someone with experience and understanding to guide you.

Very personable and friendly, good advice and great feeling that he’s an objective person to talk to. Very individual session, which was great.

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