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Is coaching different in other industries?

Words by Jo Irvine, career coach at NABS

When I started coaching for NABS in November last year I was interested to find out if coaching in the advertising and media industry would be any different from working in the arts sector, which is my background. Although I have coached in a variety of organisations across the arts and education, moving into the world of advertising was new. Did its employees need the same things?

I think the difference seems to stem from the culture of the organisation or indeed the sector it sits in rather than in what individuals want or need from coaching. Whatever sector or industry you come from or whatever organisational culture you work in, developing your confidence is the same everywhere. I think the challenges most people face can be supported through developing ways to be brave enough to do what you know you need to do, to get what you want. Talking this through in a coaching session helps this process.

Understanding the culture you work in and finding ways to succeed in that culture is one thing that coaching can help with, but coaching can also help when you want to try to make changes in the culture itself. Coaching can give you the support and self-belief to make the first move to create change. Starting to make little changes in your organisation is often the beginning of real cultural change.

My conclusion is there is little difference in the needs of employees in any industry, coaching needs often come down to basic human needs. When I moved from coaching in museums and galleries to coaching in theatres, I thought I might see different issues arise, but they were very similar. Producers, curators, creatives, managers and leaders – although doing different jobs – work with people. The interaction with clients and colleagues is fundamental. Collaboration, negotiation and influencing are all needed. Those required skills are universal.

Through NABS you can have three coaching sessions over a one-year period. This is an opportunity to discuss your challenges and career ambitions with a qualified coach. Through coaching you will be encouraged to really think about what it is you want and be supported and challenged to find ways to get there. Coaching enables and empowers individuals to grow through exploring thoughts and ideas and find practical and creative routes to solve problems.

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