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6th Feb

Working Parents – Raising Resilient Children

  • Location: London
  • Address: 10 Hills Pl, Soho, London W1F 7SD, UK (view in Google Maps)
  • Type: Masterclasses
  • Date: 06/02/2020
  • Time: 9:30am - 11am

Raising Resilient Children builds on your expertise as a parent by providing you with practical tools and techniques to help you nurture your child’s resilience.

Resilient children adapt to new situations.  They grow and develop because rather than avoiding challenges because they fear failure – they actively rise to them and grow stronger through them. They enjoy positive friendship groups, adapt to new situations and have the confidence to say ‘no’ if they are not comfortable – rather than just follow the crowd. They are ‘can do’ children who will become ‘can do’ adults.

You hold the key.  As a Mum, Dad or carer your child’s emotional and physical wellbeing will be a priority and as they face the challenges of daily life – they really need your support.  Your attitude and actions are likely to be the single most powerful influence on how resilient they become and how well they learn to handle stress – whether it’s a little worry … or a major issue.

This session is full of easy-to-implement tips to nurture resilience in daily family life.

  • Making sure your child is not one of the 5 in 10 children who fear failure
  • Coaching life’s successful mountain climbers by being a great role model
  • Helping your child to rise to challenges and grow through them
  • Practical strategies to help your child handle difficult situations and relationships
  • Learning how to help your child face their fears and challenge self-limiting beliefs
  • Tools to help your child cope with the pressures of the toxic world they are growing up in


All of NABS’ Masterclasses, talks and our Fast Forward programme are IPA CPD accredited. Attending these sessions will go towards your overall goal of 24 hours of logged training.

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