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Wellbeing for Parents Masterclass



Location: London

Type: Masterclasses

Time: 9.30am - 11am

Location: NABS, 6th Floor, 388 Oxford Street, London, W1C 1JT

As human beings we have a core needs that need to be fulfilled in order to thrive, some of these are physical such as food, warmth, exercise and sleep. Others are emotional such as a sense of control, receiving attention, connecting with others, status and finding meaning and purpose.

As parents we can often neglect our own emotional needs to take care of our family members and yet when we feel emotionally fulfilled and are operating effectively we are more likely to be content and mentally healthy. This is key to maintaining balance and avoiding unnecessary stress and anxiety.


In this Masterclass we will:

  • Define what emotional and physical wellbeing is
  • Present the latest psychological and neurological evidence around emotional wellbeing
  • Discuss how to respond to any issues identified throughout the session including some key tools which will help people manage any identified area
  • Look at how we can flourish in a high stress world

This Masterclass will be led by Julie Johnson, child, adolescent & family psychotherapist and parent coach.  Julie has 20 years’ experience as a school therapist, runs a private child, adolescent and family counselling service and is a qualified Systemic Therapist and Human Givens Psychotherapist.

Who this session is for: expectant parents, new parents, more experienced parents. Mums, dads, carers.

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