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The Busy Parent Trap Masterclass



Location: London

Type: Masterclasses

Time: 9.30-11am

If we ask most parents these days ‘how are you’? All too often we hear the reply ‘busy’. Busy is chic, busy is society’s normal. In fact almost everyone is busy and many feel guilty if they’re not. Yet it isn’t a state that many of us are enjoying, we feel it necessary to get everything done, otherwise how will we juggle work, parenting, relationships and family? Even our children are busy nowadays!  This Masterclass addresses the reasons why we are getting more and more tired and wired these days, chasing the unforgiving minute and how we can really find ways to combat and reduce stress?

We will be looking beyond the normal debate about work life balance and exploring both the relationship we have with time and what choices we have.

This Masterclass will cover:

  • Busy is now normal – what are the reasons behind busy
  • How it affects working parents
  • The psychology of busy
  • Strategies for managing busy as a working parent
  • Wellbeing path – evidence based ways to improve self-care
  • How to deliberately manage your energy and time and productivity tools to get the right work done.

The speaker for this Masterclass is Sharon Charlton-Thomson (BA Hons, BPS SGCP, EMCC PGC, NLP Pract). For fifteen years Sharon has been coaching parents and is an expert in her field and has been described as a personal trainer for your brain. Her style is inspiring, humorous and honest!

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