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21st Jul

One-to-one stress coaching 21.07

  • Location: Online
  • Type: Masterclasses
  • Date: 21/07/2022
  • Time: Hourly slots throughout the day

Dr Siobhain O’Riordan is a Chartered Psychologist, International Society for Coaching Psychology Accredited Coaching Psychologist and Supervisor, and a CABA Chartered Certified Coach. Currently she is Founder Chair of the International Society for Coaching Psychology, Editor of The Coaching Psychologist and Coaching Psychology International. Her other posts include being a Director of the International Academy for Professional Development Ltd.

What you’ll gain from this session:

  • Identify immediate tools and actions to take
  • Gain a better understanding of your ‘stress’ triggers and the impact this has on confidence, self-belief and performance
  • Gain a healthier, more positive perspective on stress, leaving you better equipped to cope with future stressful situations
  • Increase motivation and resourcefulness to tackle future stress-inducing challenges

Appointments last for one hour via Zoom.

All NABS services are free for all individuals who have spent the majority of their career working within advertising and media.

Email  to request an appointment.

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