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Neuroscience of Decision Making



Location: London

Type: Masterclasses

Time: 6.30pm - 8pm

Recall the last time you made a decision that you felt sure about, which resulted in great outcomes. Perhaps you chose a fantastic holiday destination, invested in a compelling media campaign, or made a great hire.

By comparison, bring to mind the last time you were unsure about a decision, or felt over-whelmed by options, or felt uncertainty towards which way to go.  Perhaps you needed to select an agency partner to work with, or perhaps it was as simple as what dinner option to choose from. What do you notice about you in these situations?

Our Neuroscience of Decision Making Masterclass will allow you to better understand how decision making works in the brain. Through this understanding, you will become better equipped to manage your energy and business processes.


You will leave with…

– Clarity on the type of decisions you are making and the conflicting logical and emotional issues at play

– Strategies to mitigate for bias

– A better idea of when to trust intuitive decision making and when not to

– Techniques for minimizing cognitive loads, and ensuring your best self is available to you for major decisions


Ali Tisdall is a Founder and Managing Director at Mind3 where she advises senior executive teams and leaders on issues of transformation, leadership, and professional development. Alison received her MBA from Edinburgh Business School and her BA from the University of Stirling. She is Level A & B accredited in psychometric assessment with the British Psychological Society, a practicing coach, and qualified in the Hogan Leadership and NEO assessment suites.  She is also a member of the Neuro Leadership Institute (New York).


All of NABS’ Masterclasses, talks and our Fast Forward programme are IPA CPD accredited. Attending these sessions will go towards your overall goal of 24 hours of logged training.

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