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29th Oct

NABS Talks: The Neuroscience of Emotions

  • Location: London
  • Address: 20 Air Street, London, UK (view in Google Maps)
  • Type: Tuesday Club Talks
  • Date: 29/10/2019
  • Time: 6pm - 8pm

Location: Twitter

An emotional component is vital for our wellbeing and personal fulfilment but feeling anxiety, stress or fear can ruin even the best experiences.

We now know that the daily and life choices we make, from what food we eat to whom we choose to date or what jobs we take are largely affected by our emotions, no matter how rational we think we are. Emotions carry valuable information about our internal and external environment. And yet emotions is the topic we rarely talk about or have much understanding of.

In this talk, Dr. Gabija Toleikyte will explain the real nature and importance of emotions, what happens in the brain when you experience them and how to let them guide you into making the best choices for you. Moreover, you will learn why we make very poor judgements under stress or anxiety and how best to deal with these situations.

Dr. Gabija Toleikyte is a neuroscientist and business coach. She has completed her PhD at the University College London on the neuronal basis of memory and navigation. During her years of PhD Gabija has acquired business coach qualification and worked as an internal coach at UCL for the senior academics and administrative staff. By now Gabija has successfully coached over a few hundreds of academic, corporate and the general public clients on work performance, effective leadership, emotional wellbeing, career transition, constructive relationships and many other topics.

Combining coaching experience with neuroscience insights, Gabija has been able to develop unique seminars, where solid neuroscience research is presented in the context of the topics relevant for organizations. Gabija has been delivering individually tailored seminars to corporate companies, coaches, mediators, lawyers, banks, start-ups, management consultancies, scientific institutes and universities, the Welsh Government (TEDx talk) and the general public.

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