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NABS Talks: The Black Dog in the room: what is the face of mental health in 2018?



Location: London

Type: Tuesday Club Talks

Time: 6.15pm - 8.15pm

Talking about mental health is hard. And for most of us, it’s even harder in the frenetic and volatile world of Adland. It’s confusing, no one knows quite what to say and it just feels, well, awkward.

But for clinical psychologist, journalist, author and broadcaster Professor Tanya Byron, this is exactly what she talks about all day, every day. To kick off #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek she’s joining us at Google HQ on Monday 14th May to demystify some of the biggest issues in mental health today.

Is there a difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? Does falling out of a tree as a child make you less vulnerable as an adult? And perhaps most importantly, why do men have nipples? Professor Byron will cover what mental health and wellbeing are, how the brain works, how stress affects your brain, the difference between mind and brain, and not to mention some of these trickier questions and what they have to do with mental health.

She will also give tips on how to spot the signs of poor mental health in yourself and your colleagues, how to open up about your mental health in the workplace and how dealing with failure builds your resilience.

Watch a short film about why Tanya became a clinical psychologist here.

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