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29th Nov

Explore: Harnessing your powers of influence

  • Location: Online
  • Type: Workshop
  • Date: 29/11/2023
  • Time: 2pm-3:30pm

Join our expert coaches for NABS’ latest collaborative coach-led discussion, where you will gain insight and practical tips on channelling your ability to have a positive impact on others.

Together, in a safe space we will explore:-

• What our power of influence can bring to our authentic self
• Recognise your challenges and identify how they are affecting you
• Find your confidence to ask for what you need and want, at all levels
• Learn and apply skills to the day-to-day

During this collective conversation there will be opportunities for pair and group work. Our coaches will outline frameworks that provide support and growth opportunities, to help you to manage the relationships and skills that support your career journey.

This is an interactive coach-led discussion, we encourage you to have your cameras on and arrive ready to fully participate in order to enhance both your learning and that of all attendees.

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